Assault & Violent Crimes

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Are you facing assault or violent crime charges? Those charges are actually common in Texas. Harsh words escalate to threats or a physical altercation and whether your intent was to cause harm or not, you find yourself being arrested.

Derek Weinbrenner, founding attorney at the Law Offices of Derek C. Weinbrenner, PLLC, understands the impact that a conviction on one of these charges can have on your life. He builds strong defenses that often get case dismissals or acquittals – knowing that having you take a plea bargain can lead to a permanent criminal record that may lock you out of employment and housing opportunities in the future. He provides not just representation during your case, but advice and legal counsel that can help you move past any mistakes you may have made. His ultimate goal? That he will be the last criminal defense attorney you will ever need.

Choose The Defense Attorney With Extensive Experience In Violent Crimes Prosecution

Prior to starting our law firm, Derek was a prosecutor in a small county in Texas. This allowed him to see the law enforcement side of many violent crimes. He has represented many defense clients in crimes that include the following:

We at the Law Offices of Derek C. Weinbrenner, PLLC, also represent clients who have received an order of protection (a restraining order) in civil court. This hearing is critical to ensuring your side of the story is heard and your freedom is restricted as little as possible.

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No matter your age, your job, or your circumstances, our firm delivers criminal defense representation with compassion and without judgement. Our offices are located in Fort Worth, as we serve individuals across the DFW metro area, including Johnson, Ellis, Tarrant, Kaufman and counties. Call us at (817) 720-6222 to schedule a free appointment, or use our online contact form.