Felony Drug & Theft Arrests

Serious Criminal Defense Representation For Serious Drug And Theft Charges

If you are facing charges in Texas related to drugs or theft, you need to act quickly to avoid having the system run roughshod over you. Our state takes crimes of drug possession, drug trafficking and felony theft seriously, with penalties that include many years in prison and fines in the five- and six-figure range.

Fort Worth criminal defense attorney Derek Weinbrenner, founder of the Law Offices of Derek C. Weinbrenner, PLLC, has represented numerous clients on drug and theft charges. He served as a prosecutor prior to starting his own practice, so he understands how the state constructs its case against you. Your fight is his fight.

How Our Attorney Approaches Drug Charge Cases

Texas law interprets possession of any illicit substance harshly, including marijuana. While medical marijuana is legal in the state, any other possession or sale of cannabis or THC products can lead to serious consequences. Some of the other drug charges that attorney Weinbrenner handles regularly include:

Despite the serious punishments for drug crimes in Texas, our attorney can frequently identify mitigating factors that will aid your defense. He will investigate whether the stop or search of your vehicle was reasonable. He will look at your criminal history. He will determine whether you even knew you had drugs in your possession. He will hold law enforcement accountable and ensure your due process rights are protected throughout your case.

Building A Strong Defense After A Felony Theft Arrest

You will be facing a felony charge, possible jail time and a fine if you are accused of stealing property valued at more than $2,500. The intent of the accused plays a large role in some theft cases. Our attorney will investigate to determine if you knew the property you possessed was stolen, if you intended to steal it (permanently take it from the rightful owner), or if the property was abandoned and its ownership was unclear. Whatever the circumstances, he will provide the best defense possible.

Hire A Felony Attorney With The Personal Touch

Our attorney cares about your case and your future. Start working with him by calling our office at (817) 720-6222 or by sending him a message through our online contact form. Your initial consultation is free. We provide representation for Dallas, Forth Worth and the Metroplex area.